Nowadays it’s become so difficult to enjoy a moment on your own terms and at your own pace. At Hook Lodge we are your haven from the demands of the outside world. When you stay with us it’s all about you spending your time as you want.

Our three Ambitions for you: More Control, More Time, More Energy!
We understand that when you come to spend a night with us you want to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. We believe in giving your mind and body time to rest. 

Our number one goal is to ensure each guest has a relaxing and enjoyable stay leaving with a smile on their face ready to take on the world! We believe that if your mind is relaxed your body follows. Our comfy rooms (all ensuite) are spacious and peaceful in order to give you that perfect night’s sleep. King and Super king-sized beds and soft pillows encourage you to catch up on much-needed sleep. And then you wake up to an imaginative and tasty breakfast.

We are not your traditional bed & breakfast; First, we are “adult-only”, second you get to choose more than just our delicious Irish fry-up including healthier options such as freshly cooked omelettes, fruit salad and yoghurt or healthy creamy porridge! All of this washed down with good strong coffee or tea will set you up for a fun packed day. 

So, whether you are slipping on your slippers or trainers, walking or running along the beautiful beaches or otherwise enjoying the Hook peninsula and beyond, your priority is to make time for yourself and ours is to ensure you succeed.